For a taste of Mexican, try Vocho

Mexican cuisine has been a food delight that has long pleased the palates of people throughout Galway and Ireland. Often including items from every food group, including protein, grains, and vegetables, Mexican dishes are as healthy as they are delicious and for those who adore the food, there is good news with the opening of Vocho; a restaurant which specialises in Mexican street food.

General manager Steve Jones says the team takes great pride in the freshness and authenticity of their product. "All of the ingredients we use in our dishes are prepared daily. All of our food is hand chopped, sourced locally, and our ingredients such as flavouring are shipped from Mexico itself, so we endeavour to give our customers a taste of Mexico when they have a meal at Vocho as well as an authentic Mexican experience."

As soon as you take a bite into a Mexican dish, you can taste a variety of powerful and delicious flavours. Mexican food has many spices and natural flavourings that make it far from bland and boring and Vocho does not disappoint. With a vast array of choice from chimichanga, enchiladas, tacos to quesadillas, nachos, and chili, the menu which has been crafted by Michelin star restaurant past employee Richard Kitt, has plenty to tease the tongue of any Mexican food connoisseur and there is more to come according to Steve.

"We have a wonderful menu which was created by Richard. We will be soon launching our specials which are famous Mexican dishes with a Vochotouch. We will also have our own drinks horchata as well as our own Mexican punch and lemonade."

Having opened on March 18, one of the standout features of the restaurant is the unique surroundings Vocho calls home. Using shipping containers, the restaurant has arguably the most unusual home on Forster Street opposite the Park House Hotel. Steve says that waste reduction and upcycling is something to which the business aspires. "We are very conscious of waste. We do our best to upcycle everything. Our premises are old shipping containers. Our floor is the NUI Galway basketball court so it is very important to use, to reuse, and recycle."

Open seven days a week from 12 noon to 10pm, Vocho can be contacted [email protected],, or via its Facebook @vochoburritobar.

Photo Credit - Boyd Challenger.


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