Paddy Fitzpatrick gives the Thumbs Up to Herbal Medicine

Paddy Fitzpatrick, aka 'Fear an Hata', TGAG documentary was widely regarded as an extremely fit and athletic man. He was playing football well past middle age. It was a normal day for him to climb the hill or shinny down a cliff rope to the shore well into his eighties.

He survived prostrate cancer at 85 and a stomach clot at 86. Twenty feet of his intestine was cut away. He made a remarkable recovery from the surgery, but was left with chronic diarrhoea. This caused dehydration leading to seizures, sepsis, kidney failure and unbearable itching all over his body.

He was given weeks to live by consultants and doctors alike. He was malnourished, weighing only nine stone. It looked like his Goliath fight was over. Then one day I heard a herbalist, Patrick Murphy, on the radio. I arranged a private consultation for my father and the men clicked immediately. Patrick was hopeful that his herbs would rid my father of the itch and three weeks later, the itch was 90% gone. Bearing in mind, this was after two years of unstoppable itching and numerous failed medical attempts to stop it.

Patrick then set about getting my father's kidneys functioning again and within a remarkably short time, my father felt better and started to gain weight. The diarrhoea is slowing down and Patrick says it may improve with time.

Conventional medicine did all they could, but could not go any further and told our family to prepare for the inevitable end. Remarkably, Patrick Murphy helped change all that within a couple of weeks. His herbs re-started my father's own healing system as explained by Patrick.

I cannot recommend Patrick Murphy highly enough. He has helped save my father's life. Patrick prescribes for all my family now and even our beloved dog! To say I give this man the Thumbs Up is an understatement. He is an incredible herbalist and a godsend. This article was prepared by Paddy's Daughter, Marie Eileen Fitzpatrick.

Patrick Murphy is a herbalist based in Tuam, Co Galway. If you would like to contact Patrick about any common aliments you may be suffering please contact him at his clinic

or phone 093-27033.


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