Labour calls for Galway to have electric taxi fleet by 2025

Financial incentives needed for taxi drivers who transition to electric vehicles

Labour Galway City Central candidate, John McDonagh.

Labour Galway City Central candidate, John McDonagh.

Carbon emissions in Galway can be cut significantly if taxi drivers are provided with incentives to switch to electric cars, according to a Labour Galway City Central candidate John McDonagh.

Mr McDonagh is calling for legislative action to incentivise a completely electric taxi fleet in Galway city and county by 2025, including the installation of wireless power transfer stations to make electric vehicles more accessible. His call follows a plan being adopted in Oslo to have a completely electric taxi system by 2023.

Currently there are 540 taxis operating in Galway. "Transport emissions have to be reduced by around 12 million to just 6.5 million tonnes in 11 years time," said Mr McDonagh. "Electrifying our taxis is an important contribution we can make to help meet our emissions reduction targets."

If adopted, an underground wireless power transfer stations in hubs, such as railway stations, where taxi drivers can charge their vehicles while waiting for passengers, would have to be constructed. Mr McDonagh said the initiative also required financial incentives for taxi drivers and operators who transition to electric vehicles, or install wireless charging equipment in their electric vehicles.

"Wireless power transfer stations alleviate the difficulties electric vehicle drivers face in having to locate a plug-in to charge the vehicle," said Mr McDonagh. "By installing the appropriate infrastructure, we add an additional incentive for taxi drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles."



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