Binstrap finalist in SIX categories of the Micro Business Awards

Gaelan Goodfellow, owner of Galway company BinStrap has been announced as a finalist in none other than six categories in this years National ‘Micro Business Awards’.

This is a record number of nominations for the awards.

At last year’s event Gaelan and his wife Jade made history at the awards by taking home “Best Male Entrepreneur” and “Best Female Entrepreneur” for their respective businesses.

The categories are varied and offer a chance for businesses to enter a number of categories.

Gaelan says that winning the award last year was a great boost to the business due to the recognition and PR it generated and that the entry was simple and stress free, so he would highly recommend others to enter next year.

BinStrap, Gaelan’s product and the name of the business is a patented, environmentally positive product that keeps the lid of your wheelie bin closed, stopping rubbish from escaping in high winds or when tipped over. The highly commended product is long lasting, durable and super effective. The BinStrap is sold in 15 countries worldwide and in use by county councils in the UK and Australia to provide their customers with an alternative to bricks and rocks to keep their kids closed.

Gaelan is an avid promoter of a green planet and is a member of numerous green organizations hoping to tackle pollution and global warming. Mr Goodfellow was named 19th out of the top 100 global influencers on plastic pollution last year by Onalytica with over 20k tweets on the subject.

He hopes that his message and his product will educate and help people to make better decisions regarding their use of plastic and the way they present their waste. If we all work together it is possible to make a real difference.

The finals take place in the Limerick Strand Hotel on April 13.



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