Cubbard calls on bus companies to stop taking up car spaces at Westside Park

Cllr Mike Cubbard is calling on bus operators to stop using the perimeter of Westside Park as a bus park, saying it is preventing people from availing of the facilities due to lack of parking.

“In recent times Westside Park has seen major enhancements and a huge increase in footfall by the public,” Cllr Cubbard said this week. “The upgraded running track has been a hugely positive addition to the park and many local groups use the area for training, etc. However in recent times Westside Park, and the perimeter parking area on the Siobhan McKenna Road in particular, has become a bus park effectively.

“On a daily basis a line of buses park here from 8am or 9am until 4pm in the evening,” he added. “I have received a number of calls from local residents and others from outside the area who wish to use the facilities but have very limited space to park. This is not a long term car park.”

Cllr Cubbard, who lives close to the park, is contacting bus companies and asking them to refrain from parking their vehicles in the area.

“In January I contacted Galway City Council roads department on this, but the response received outlined the lack of road markings and signage as an issue, therefore the buses were technically allowed park there,” he revealed. “I am looking to rectify this. I have contacted those with company names asking them to refrain from parking here, thus taking up much needed parking spaces from members of the public wishing to use this amenity, however many buses do not have a visible company name.

“Therefore, I am calling on all bus providers who are using this area to park their bus for the day to stop immediately. I have no doubt there are other locations they can park. There is no room for private vehicles to park, and it is causing upset to those unable to park and use this fantastic facility.”


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