Crowley calls for dedicated west to east express bus route

A direct express bus service from the city’s western suburbs to the eastern industrial estates would offer commuters both a proper public transport option and a solution to reduce traffic efficiently.

This is the view of Social Democrats Galway City West candidate John Crowley, who pointed out that traffic congestion has reached its highest levels to date in Galway city, pointing to the 2016 census which shows that 18,308 Galwegians commute to work by car, as opposed to 2,577 by bus and 1,898 by bike.

Mr Crowley is calling on the Galway City Council and other relevant stakeholders to “concentrate on ways to make public transportation more accessible, convenient, and efficient”.

He is also calling for a direct express bus service from the western suburbs to the industrial estates on the city’s east side. He pointed out that large numbers of people living in Knocknacarra commute to Parkmore or Ballybrit. “Most people say they are also willing to use a bus, but unreliable buses and travel times currently make it impractical,” he said. “A direct express bus service from west to east would offer a solution to reduce traffic efficiently by getting people from where they are to where they need to go.”



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