Controversial Israeli thriller for the Pálás

A soldier, a killing, and a case of mistaken identity

MICHAEL AND Dafna are told their terrible news that their son Jonathan has died while serving in the Israeli Defence Force. As they come to terms with the loss, and prepare for the funeral, they are informed that a terrible mistake has been made.

Jonathan is actually manning an isolated checkpoint, where he and his colleagues never know what will happen next. So who was killed? And what are the ramifications of this death and the mix-up?

This is Israeli film Foxtrot, which the Galway Film Society is screening at the Pálás Cinema this Sunday and Monday at 6.30pm. The film won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2017 Venice Film Festival. The Washington Post called it "gentle but devastating...bursts with integrity and tough honesty, even in its most lighthearted moments”.

For tickets contact 091 - 394800 or see



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