Top Tips for Keeping Up with the League of Ireland in 2019

No matter which team you wish to choose to support, keeping up with the League of Ireland is a must for any football fan. If you are wanting to know how you will be the first to find out how your team performed in the latest match then keep on reading.

Attend Matches

It goes without saying, but the fastest way to find out how your local team does is to go to the matches. Whether you are picking up a season ticket so you can go to each and every one of the matches or you are hopping on a team bus to go support them in away games, there are many ways you can join in.

There is no better way to partake in football except actually being at the match. The spirit amongst the supporters and the banter between the opposing supporters is much better in person than it ever is watching at home, even with friends. If you are searching for a social way to keep up with the League then you should definitely consider attending the matches.

You could even get involved with arranging travel for other fans to away games. Organising coaches and making sure everyone knows where to meet and what time can take a lot of planning. If you are logistically-minded, this might be a great way for you to help other fans enjoy the matches too.

Make a Bet

Another great way to guarantee that you will see the score no matter where you happen to be is to lay down a bet on the match. It can be about the match results, who you think might score first, whether you think a hat-trick will be scored, or anything else you care to imagine. It helps to show your faith in the team or in a certain player. If you know for a fact that they will score a goal during the match, you can place a little bet and see if you were right.

What’s more, betting could also obviously net you a little something in return. Bookies work their hardest to bring you the best odds but it can be great when you manage to grab a win with unbelievable odds. Betting is a two-sided coin, however. Make sure you use it to further your support of the team and not as a way to make money. You also need to ensure that you recognise the signs of a gambling addiction and know to reach out for help if you think you have one.

If you don’t want to make a bet but still want to regularly check the scores, then you can use the match results listed on Stakers which are updated live. If you bookmark this page on your phone or PC, you can regularly check what’s going on whenever you need to.

Get on Social Media

One of the great things about the modern world is it is able to bring us even closer to our favourite teams and players through social media. You don’t even have to be an active participant; all you need to do is give them a little follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and you will be informed anytime an update is posted.

If you follow the teams, you will be able to get loads of information about the upcoming matches and be the first to know when the games are over. Football clubs like to keep their Twitter pages active so you should definitely hop over there and see what kind of information they post. You could get titbits about the formation being played in the next match, learn about the history of the team, and see fun facts like when it is a player’s birthday.

You can also use social media to get a bit closer to your favourite players. Nearly everyone has a Twitter and Instagram page, while Facebook tends to be reserved for just friends and family unless the player is big enough for a fan page. By following them on social media, you will get to see a little more about who they are as a person. They can share their likes and interests and you get to know them a little better.

Get Involved at the Club

Love the club more than anything? Got a retirement looming or heading down to part-time work? Why not see if there is any volunteering to be done at your local football ground. If you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty then there are many ways to give a helping hand. You could work as an usher on match day or help out with grounds work around the club.

Own a local business? Football clubs are always on the hunt for sponsors. Whether you want to be a matchday sponsor or an official club partner, you can sponsor a club. This results in advertising for your business and a chance for you to show off your support for the team in an official capacity. It is a brilliant way for you to cement your commitment to your local team and area through professional means. Some people think you shouldn’t mix your personal life with business, but football sponsorship can be one of those exceptions.

If you used to be alright with a football back in the day, see if there is a youth club you can volunteer at. Children’s leagues are nearly always on the hunt for volunteer coaches and referees to help out with training and match days. Who knows, you might coach a child who grows up to be the finest football star Ireland has ever seen. Take a chance and see if there is an opening for you today.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, supporting and keeping up with your local club can extend far beyond turning up for a match or two or buying a team shirt. If you are keen to get a little more involved with your local team, think about how you could get involved with some of the ways above. You chose to support this team for a reason, and you should want to keep up with everything happening in the League as it happens!


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