I still feel ‘winter grey and bland’. Can anything help me get into a better spring mood?

Naturopath Elle Fox is a CNM graduate.

Naturopath Elle Fox is a CNM graduate.

Naturopath Elle Fox, a graduate of the College of Naturopathic Medicine, discusses how to boost your mood naturally for spring.

After a winter where the body hibernates and you eat more fats and carbs, you might experience symptoms of stagnant liver energy like headaches, stiff shoulders, irritated eyes, PMS, allergies, blood pressure fluctuations, frequent sighing, frustration, and low moods. Spring is the time nature offers an opportunity to cleanse and revitalise your liver with dandelion yellows and fresh green shoots. So how to go about it?

Increase raw food: Add fresh fruit and pre-soaked seeds to your organic porridge; have a large colourful fresh salad for lunch; add a large helping of leafy greens alongside your homemade vegetable soup and sprinkle with a little turmeric (excellent liver support ).

Ditch packaged meals and liver-stressing foods: avoid animal fats, all sugars, white flour goods, pasteurised dairy, and alcohol.

Make an antioxidant smoothie: Add a cup of berries, a large handful of spinach, some cucumber, and pineapple in a blender with a little water and blend thoroughly for a nutrient-rich smoothie.

Move: Even just walking for half an hour a day in nature will give you great benefits. Get naked sunlight in your eyes (especially if you wear glasses or contact lenses or work in front of a computer screen for long hours ).

Just a week of the above regime will give you so much energy and wellbeing you may want to carry on for longer.

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