Insurance cost remains top concern for Irish motorists

Research by Ireland’s only electronic parking and tolling tag provider, easytrip, has revealed Irish motorists' most prominent concern is the cost of insurance.

It tops the list for 68 per cent of respondents, followed by the cost of fuel (56 per cent ) and the condition of the roads (39 per cent ). Additional concerns included other road users (32 per cent ); the cost of motor tax (28 per cent ); the cost of a car service (26 per cent ) and the policing of traffic and traffic incidents (19 per cent ).

While the cost of insurance remains the No 1 concern for motorists, the research revealed that one in 10 drivers were unaware of all the features of their insurance policies, with many of the benefits or lack of benefits unknown to the respondents.

Nationwide the standard of driving can vary depending on congestion levels and road conditions, but how do we rate ourselves as drivers? Respondents to the research disclosed the standard as ‘average’, with one in five stating it was ‘somewhat good’ or ‘not good’ at all. The research also asked how courteous Irish drivers were, and it was a close race with 52 per cent of respondents stating Irish drivers were courteous, while 48 per cent disagreed.

Commenting on the research, Colin Delaney, CEO of easytrip, says being a motorist comes with a lot of responsibility.

"While it brings the freedom of travel, it can also bring many stresses. While it’s not surprising to see the cost of insurance remains a key concern for many drivers, it was alarming to see that many of the respondents weren’t aware of the features of their insurance policy.

"It is vital that drivers read through their insurance cover and understand what is included in the event of a driving incident. Having a better driving experience is of benefit to all road users and I would encourage motorists to assess their own driving habits, be more courteous, and make motoring that little bit less stressful for all.”


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