Tuco's Taqueria in Galway & Sligo helping Pieta House

Aonghus O'Flaherty, owner of Tuco's Taqueria in Galway & Sligo, quietly introduced a noble new initiative to his establishments of April last year. Every purchase made using their free loyalty card sees 10% of the sale being donated to Pieta House. This month, Tuco's donated €1,057 to Pieta House alone. If you're unfamiliar with Pieta House, they are a non- profit organisation aiming to improve the lives of those suffering from mental distress such as suicide and self harm. Pieta have hired 270 qualified therapists since opening, delivering help to over 37,000 people. 90% of their income is made through fundraising events, Darkness Into Light being the leading operation, which see's hundreds and thousands of people walk in aid of suicide prevention each year. When discussing the matter of Tucos business cooperation, Pieta commented saying;

"It's fantastic when businesses in the community recognize the need to support our local mental health services. Innovative schemes such as the one initiated by Tuco's are something we would welcome more of. 10% of a purchase may seem insignificant but over time, as part of a long term partnership such as the one we have with tucos, is significant and provides much needed funding to sustain our service and help tackle the stigma around suicide and and self-harm"

O'Flaherty's kind gesture can be recognized by those suffering, campaigning and working with Pieta to improve the work they implement each year. It is massively encouraged that those who visit Tuco's on a regular basis utilize these loyalty cards to their advantage, as 10% of these proceeds will go directly to Pieta House. It's utterly phenomenal seeing local companies like Tucos giving back to society, as each and every little bit counts. This innovative scheme will help improve facilities within Pieta, and help to fund for qualified therapists. Tuco's have developed a new act of kindness with their innovative scheme, giving us more of a reason to want to eat there!

Tuco's are located in both Tobergal Lane, Sligo, and Abbegate Street Upper, Galway.

If you are seeking help or need to talk to someone, or know someone in trouble, you can confidentially get in contact with Pieta House, who will look after you.


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