People of the Tribes: Meet Teddy

In association with McGettigans

I first came to Galway when I was five years old. I was visiting in the dead of winter on holiday from America. I was shocked immediately by the lack of snow and how green everything still was. Unfortunately, I don’t remember too much because I was five but I remember being enchanted by the lush green environment and the very visible history still present.

I moved to Galway when I was eleven. At that time I felt very out of place as any eleven years old would, especially in a new country. It was a massive shock changing from American culture to an Irish one, but it was a change for the better. Galway was inviting to us. Everything about that place was drawing us closer into it.

I have now been living here for five years and it will be six this summer. I am a TY student at Colaiste Einde and I couldn’t be happier living in Galway. There are so many opportunities for young people, especially for TY students. Wandering shop street on the weekend and visiting the market will show you the diversity of the city. The people you work with in work experience are by far the best reflectors of the best things about Galway. I’ve been lucky enough to score work experience at the Galway Advertiser and you can take my word that I remain unbiased. The people there always accept you no matter who you are or who you’ve landed with.

Many people describe Galway as a graveyard of ambition. I would describe Galway as quite the opposite. It is simply the birthplace of new ambitions.

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