Exploding The Diet Myths — how to lose weight and stay healthy without dieting

See Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health, in The g Hotel in Galway on Tuesday February 26. and find out why diets do not work, and what does.

Do calories count and are all calories equal? Paleo versus keto versus intermittent fasting – do they work? How effective are vegan and vegetarian diets for weight loss, and how do you keep yourself healthy on them? Does the timing of your meals make a difference?

This talk will sort out the confusion and show you how to eat if your weight is piling on around your middle, which can increase your risk of breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Find out what to eat to give you a way of eating that becomes a way of life and helps you to be healthy and live longer.

Find out what nutrients can help you to lose weight faster, what exercise works best, and if your DNA holds the clue to your ideal way to eat for weight loss and health.

“The fact that we actually take in fewer calories today, than we did in the 19th century, challenges the traditional view that we only put on weight if we eat too many calories,” explains Dr Glenville.

The talk will take place on Tuesday February 26 at The G Hotel, Dublin Road, from 6.45pm to 9.30pm.


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