Parallel Worlds art exhibition at Galway City Library February 8th.

Exhibition "PARALLEL WORLDS" showcases in the month of February at the Galway City Library. You can see the ‘X-Ray Flowers’ acrylic art on canvas and 'Galaxy Splashes' watercolour art series created by Kaisa Holsting.


Kaisa Holsting, originally from Estonia, is a 32-year-old multitalented creative soul that during the day dabbles in graphic design working on print designs but mixes it all up during her free time with a bit of jewellery design, painting and drawing, illustrations and by singing on stage and why not, making a social splash with her quirky looks.

"Parallel Worlds" is her 3rd art exhibition, where she's showcasing her latest series of watercolour art called Galaxy Splashes as well as old and new paintings from the X-ray Flowers art series on canvas.


PARALLEL WORLDS is an exhibition of two painting series that plays around with the ideas of life's dualism and opposite sides of each and every one of our souls. Add to it a bit of hopeless romanticism, lots of colour and plenty of watercolour-like brushstrokes and you should've got the visual interpretation already.

The X-Ray Flowers series features an ensemble of close-ups of different flowers with quirky titles highlighted through a black triangle shape. It’s a visual play on how we as a society tend to miss seeing the ‘real beauty’ in the world around us, looking at it from a superficial standpoint. However, looking at the world after having gone through a bit of pain (a shard of glass ) it opens up a more colourful and vibrant view of things.

The Galaxy Splashes watercolour series plays with the idea of “there’s more in every one of us than meets the eye”. There’s a dark and a light side in each and every one of us and for the most bit even the darker side of us ends up adding more depth and hidden gem-like features to our lives. Have the patience to peel off the surface and you might find a whole different Universe in your friend or a loved one.


If you like what you see on display, but none of the pieces looks exactly like one that you’d like to own... then get in touch!

You can commission an original piece in a similar style from Kaisa, you can get in touch via email [email protected] - the price of the piece will be determined by the size of the canvas, the time it takes and the complexity of the flower.


Simply specify which piece you’re interested in and we’ll make sure it’s booked for you. Payments can be made in cash, via bank transfer or by using PayPal, whichever method is more suitable.


All the paintings have also been made available as various goods (totebags, mugs, cutting tables, clothes, pillowcases etc ) via various online shops, such as Society6, Redbubble and Displate.



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