The hottest workout in town

National award winning yoga studio, Hot Yoga Galway, was first introduced to Galway in 2005 by Galway native Tracy Dunbar, and to date it still remains the only affiliated, qualified, and certified Bikram hot yoga studio in the west of Ireland. Open seven days a week, this purpose built studio is located on the Tuam Road (opposite the Travelodge Hotel ) and offers morning, afternoon, and evening classes.

In 2016, Tracy Dunbar expanded her business and opened Urban Wellbeing, Galway's 8,000sq ft five star hair, health, beauty, and fitness facility. Her new hot yoga studio, located within this centre, is state of the art. Ms Dunbar feels very strongly that having a top-notch facility is essential to creating an ideal experience for students.

There are life-changing moments in everyone's life and this could be one for you. Tracy Dunbar has seen the profound changes hot yoga classes have made in people's lives. Bikram yoga, rocket yoga and fierce grace yoga will all change your body and your life. Gain strength, flexibility, and stamina. Reduce stress and tension. Lose weight and tone up. Burn up to 1,000 calories in one single session. Help to heal injuries and prevent illness.

Take advantage of an introductory offer, just €49 for one month's unlimited yoga, and attend class as often as you can in order to experience a level of health, fitness, and happiness you have never felt before. Be prepared to sweat, laugh, and do more for your health, body, and general wellbeing than you ever imagined possible. Classes are suitable for all levels and no booking is required.

For further details contact Tracy Dunbar at 087 2642922 or visit


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