Exploring our Marine - 2019 the Year of the Salmon

This year the Marine Institute and Galway Advertiser are celebrating our ocean with the launch of a new awareness campaign, Exploring Our Marine. The campaign aims to inspire a new generation of ocean champions and inform society on the value of Ireland’s marine resource, the importance of our ocean and the work of the Marine Institute.

The ocean has a big impact on our lives. Our ocean is a valuable source of food, a gateway for shipping and means of transport, as well as supporting diverse ecosystems. The ocean has a significant influence on our prosperity, health and wellbeing, as well as affecting our climate and environment. For many of Ireland's coastal communities, our ocean also offers tourism and leisure opportunities and there are those whose livelihoods depend directly on our ocean and seas. Our ocean supports a diverse marine industry, providing full-time employment to 32,500 people across Ireland.

The Marine Institute is Ireland’s national agency responsible for marine research, technology, development and innovation. Over the next 12 months we will have half a page in the Advertiser dedicated to Exploring Our Ocean. We will cover a range of topics including the work of the RV Celtic Explorer, Seabed mapping and Our Changing Climate. The information will also be available on the Marine Institute website and social media channels to share. Check out www.marine.ie To kick start the new year and new campaign, and given that 2019 is the year of the salmon, this month we will look at the King of Fish, the Atlantic Salmon.

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar ) are anadromous, meaning they divide their lives between freshwater and the ocean. They are born in freshwater rivers and streams, mature at sea and return home. In addition to travelling 1000’s of miles, this magnicent sh has been recorded leaping more than 3 metres into the air to negotiate waterfalls, weirs and obstacles.

Adult Atlantic salmon are large powerful fish that can weigh over 20kg. The biggest ever salmon caught in Irish waters was back in 1874 and weighed in at a whopping 26 kg!

The world’s first commercially operated salmon hatchery was started in Galway in 1852. The Marine Institute works with industry to ensure the highest standards in seafood safety, fish health and monitoring.

The world’s longest running salmon census trapping facility is located at the Marine Institute in Newport, Co. Mayo. This facility is a unique research centre, carrying out cutting-edge research into genetics, fish rearing and climate change.


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