Top wedding trends of 2019

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So your other half has got down on one knee and made you the happiest person in the world. But now it is time for the real excitement to start - the wedding planning. All couples want their big day to be special but it is without doubt an event that takes lots of planning.

Here at the we have some of the top wedding trends of 2019.

1. Back to black

Not the Amy Winehouse song but a little dash of black can really give the wow factor look against the beautiful ivory dress that you are wearing. A black bow, belt, or embellishment is all that is needed to make a bride stand out even more on her big day.

2. Sharing is caring

Declaring your eternal love for the man or woman you love in front of friends and family is great but what most people are looking forward to is the feast that accompanies the big day. Now for most of us, the dinner is the only time apart from Christmas where it is acceptable to eat until the point of bursting. But what has become popular for many couples is abandoning the sit down dinner and going for a laidback option. Sharing platters and farm-to-fork concepts are very much in demand right now.

3. Artistic edible displays

If you have been to a wedding recently, it is likely you will have come across the doughnut wall. They are present at every wedding now it seems but providing artistic edible displays of something sweet tasting is going down very well at weddings so it is advisable to have one at yours.

4. A whole new world

Getting married abroad is hardly news but traditional destinations such as the South of France and the Seychelles are taking a back seat to up and coming wedding destinations such as Croatia, Mykonos, and Lake Como. A bit of advice if you are to marry in the sun, make sure you have done you research as certain countries have different laws when it comes to the legality of the marriage.

5. Smaller weddings

Now we all hate stereotypes such as the Irish love a drink or the fighting Irish, but a wonderful stereotype that is true to say the least is the huge wedding. A wedding of more than 250 is considered quite a normal size as the couple give into Mum's wishes of inviting every neighbour within a 20-mile radius and anyone who has says hello more than once a week. But smaller weddings are on the rise as couples become more discerning with regards to the invite as they look to keep a handle on the costs. Ask yourself, why are you inviting a cousin with whom you have had zero contact in 15 years or the very simple, do I even like this person? Remember spending less on the wedding means more money for the honeymoon.

So there you have it. Five top trends for weddings in 2019.

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