Dylan Murphy releases new single

Jazz chords dominate on song about a 'toxic personal bond' that has long-since lost its charm

Dylan Murphy.

Dylan Murphy.

WE ARE used to Dylan Murphy's music having a strong blues feel or grunge edge, but his latest single 'A Little Rain' provides a different perspective on the Galway based singer-guitarist.

'A Little Rain', the closing track of his recent Make Plans EP, retains a definite blues element, particularly in its rhythms, but also incorporates distinct jazz touches we have not heard in his music before - mainly through the guitar work, in both the main chords - mostly 7ths, a common type in jazz - and in the tasteful fills and lines he also includes The song further makes good use of the quiet/loud dynamic.

Lyrically, this is a personal reflection on the uncertainty which comes following the end a "toxic personal bond" that has long-since lost its charm: "Well a little never hurt no one, but too much can kill you...When she comes down, pack your bags, and get yourself out of town."


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