Cyclists, ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ this weekend with Portwest

With the October Bank Holiday weekend coming up and clocks going back, cyclists need to ensure that they are fully visible when out and about on public roads. Portwest have just launched their ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ campaign which aims to create awareness of the dangers of poor visibility and methods that can be taken to help prevent accidents.

Cyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users so they need to take extra precautions when out and about, especially as the evenings are getting shorter and darker. According to the RSA, without wearing something reflective a cyclist is only likely to be visible 30 metres away, in low beam headlights.

By wearing something reflective they become visible at 150 metres away.Portwest stock a large range of hi visibility clothing, and illumination products available in their stores which are tested to meet the latest European safety standards and include many safety products suitable for cyclists.

The range features hi visibility jackets and vests, as well as their new Glowtex Triple Technology collection which has all the benefits of traditional hi vis but with glow in the dark strips.It is a legal requirement for cyclists to have a rear red reflector with front and rear lights that can be seen from a reasonable distance during periods of low light.

It is also recommended that cyclists have further illumination when travelling in public places to ensure their safety. Portwest stock an extensive range of lights and illuminating products including LED zipper pullers, shoe clips, beanie hats (with built in lights ), head torches and snap on hi vis bands. These items can be used when cycling in poor visibility.

The most effective way for cyclists to stay safe this bank holiday is to ensure that they are fully visible by wearing protective high visibility clothing and having lights. This will ensure they are easily seen by other road users and drivers during periods of low light. These items are available to purchase from Portwest stores along with a full range of leisure wear and accessories for men, women, and children. Portwest stores are located in Galway, Westport and Killarney.


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