Vinyl Night at The Skeff

Listen to your favourite artists as they were meant to be heard

THE SKEFF Bar will hold the first event of a new series entitled Vinyl Nights, when two classic albums - Guns N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction and Amy Winehouse Back In Black - will be played in their entirety on vinyl.

The event takes place on Sunday November 18 from 7pm to 8pm and takes place upstairs in The Skeff. Vinyl lovers and collectors can browse albums as [email protected] will have a selection of vinyl for sale on the night.

Vinyl records have become more popular over the last decade. Vinyl is also about sitting down and listening attentively, as opposed to the ease of playing streamed music in the background. If you put on an album, it is probably with the specific intent to sit back and enjoy it.

Admission is free.



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