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Adrian Murray

Adrian Murray

Why lose out on your insurances and finances when Murray Financial Services can save you money? Murray Financial Services was established by Adrian Murray, who has more than a decade's experience in financial services. A qualified financial advisor and retirement planner, he believes in providing a professional service to both personal and business clients.

Murray Financial Services offer a comprehensive service and advice to ensure that you get the quality financial services you need.

Whether you are an individual or company, they listen to each client and assess their needs. They strive to understand your personal financial or business requirements, and work with you to choose the best solution possible, and put the chosen solution in place.

Murray Financial Services are committed to providing you with advice by way of a yearly review to identify your financial goals, highlight any shortfalls in your planning and provide you with appropriate recommendations.

"We passionately believe in giving the customer the very best experience. Everyone is treated with the respect and honesty that your valued business deserves. This is evidenced by the number of referrals and repeat business that we get from our customers," said Mr Murray.

Purchasing a home, whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned investor is one of the largest financial commitments that any one individual can make. In recent times, getting a mortgage has become extremely challenging for many, particularly for those in self-employment. In order to be in the best position possible to get a mortgage you need to ensure that your finances are in order.

Talking with an independent mortgage adviser will allow you to assess your eligibility for a mortgage and, if necessary, make changes to your circumstances to maximize your chances of obtaining mortgage finance.

Retirement planning remains one of the few ways in which an individual or company can make retirement provisions in a tax efficient manner.

Clearly defining your financial goals may help you live the life you desire. Your goals may include funding your child’s college education, launching a second career, purchasing a vacation retreat, or retiring in comfort.

Murray Financial Services advise you on a solution that is best for your individual circumstances at this time in your life. They access your existing policies and make recommendations based on this.

Did you start paying too late? Are the contributions you are paying too low? Are my pension charges too high?

Are you self-employed? Find out how you can save money on life assurance and income insurance. Save money on mortgage interest rates and investments.

Let Murray Financial Services guide Murray Financial Services will be there to guide you through all the key financial decisions life presents.

For more details, contact Murray Financial Services, The Plaza Office Suites Headford Road Galway — Freephone 1800940699or see www.mfs.ie



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