Epoch x Gash Collective weekender

Two days of leading Irish and international house, techno, EBM, wave, and Italo-disco

Leading Irish electro DJ, Eliza.

Leading Irish electro DJ, Eliza.

THE WEEKEND sees a slew of Irish and international DJ talent grace the turntables of Factory at Electric, with a collaboration between the Epoch clubnight and the Gash Collective.

Tomorrow night [Friday October 19], NTS Radio resident Debonair makes her way from London for a night of EBM, wave, and Italo-disco. Gash Collective's Lolz and Cáit provide the warm up with one of their lauded back to back sets. On Saturday, Epoch hosts the Irish debut of Bill Converse, with leading Irish electro DJ, Eliza on support. A product of the US Midwest rave scene, Bill’s sets take in all that is great about Chicago and Detroit, and more.

Both nights kick off at 11pm. Check Epoch and Gash Collective on social media for more details.



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