Four steps to finding your perfect career

In this article JobChanger identifies four steps you need to consider when planning your career for the future. These are important, no matter what stage you are at in life, if you wish to find your ideal career and enjoy life.

Step 1. Manage your career. This applies whether pursuing the career you are already in or you wish to engage in some form of change. Don’t be afraid to retrain if that will help you achieve your career goals.

Step 2. Do a lot of homework on yourself. Most people think they know themselves very well, yet countless psychologists worldwide would disagree with this. You need to discover your real areas of interest, values, skills, and abilities among other things. People are constantly surprised at what they discover about themselves. In this step you become clear about where you are right now and identify options you wish to consider.

Step 3. Explore the options identified at step 2. You want to find the best match between what you discovered from your self-analysis and the career options you have identified. This information can be obtained from many places including employment agencies, internet, companies already engaged in that employment area, college prospectus, etc.

Step 4. Make informed decisions and be actively involved in decisions affecting your future. Write your action plan including long and short-term career goals and then implement these goals.

It is possible to find a career you are passionate about, but the action you take is up to you.

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