Cuddy demands replacement, not repairs, for Tuam Road pipe network

Leaks and outages from water pipes on the Tuam Road have been increasing with such frequency that a local councillor has written to Irish Water calling for the pipes to be replaced.

Independent councillor for Athenry-Oranmore, Jim Cuddy, has written to Irish Water, asking for the lines be completely replaced. While significant financial outlay for pipe replacement is available, Cllr Cuddy said replacement, rather than repairs, “makes more economic sense”, as it will “improve the network significantly” and reduce operating costs in the long term.

“The existing pipes are very old and no sooner has one leak been repaired than another leak shows up a short distance away,” he said, pointing out that the local authorities now spend more on regular repairs “than it would ultimately cost to replace the pipes”.

Cllr Cuddy also raised the issue of leaks on the line at Briarhill. He described this as “also a cause of great concern”, given the impact on major multinationals in the Parkmore estate, “who rely on consistency of supply to operate on a 24-hour basis”.


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