Corless rejects invitation to Pope's civic reception

Historian Catherine Corless has declined an invitation to a civic reception for Pope Francis at Dublin Castle this Saturday.

Ms Corless who received the letter directly from the office of the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on Tuesday morning says she has declined the opportunity to attend the address by Pope Francis to stand in solidarity with survivors of the Tuam mother and baby home.

"I have decided to decline the invitation to the Pope's address in Dublin Castle this weekend because ever since I revealed the findings of my research four years ago, the Church has not shown us any support or provided any help.

"I will be standing in solidarity with survivors at a silent vigil at the site of the former Tuam home this Sunday instead."

Ms Corless says the Catholic Church's lack of cooperation has only strengthened her resolve to search for truth and justice.

"The Church have been completely uncooperative and unsupportive.

“They have done absolutely nothing to help us or give us any information. They have completely vanished and will not to talk to us.

“It is as if they have put up a wall between survivors and themselves. Even the archbishop of Tuam [Michael Neary] has declined to speak to us.

"This refusal to help or speak to us will only strengthen us to get to the truth and get justice. The fact the Church refuse to acknowledge the survivors and what went on is just sad and a terrible shame."


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