2020 team vows to strengthen communications aspect after EU report issues recommendations

The team behind Galway 2020 has vowed to strengthen the communications aspect of their project in order to develop engagement with the community.

Following a difficult period for the project, the direction to the board of Galway 2020 was contained in the second report from the European Commission’s Expert Monitoring panel, which lists 15 recommendations for the Board to address as it enters the next phase of the programme.

This report follows the meeting in Rijeka in June between the panel and Galway 2020, one of the two European Capitals of Culture in 2020.

The Panel’s recommendations set out a list of priorities for the immediate term, most significantly looking to establish its new Cultural Leadership and strengthen communications as the project moves into the final stages of planning. Cultural Director Chris Baldwin left the project some months ago.

Stabilising funding was also highlighted as a key area for the Board to focus, which will see the new announcement of our Partnership Development Programme in the coming weeks.

The EU panel also calls for a detailed breakdown of Galway 2020 programme projects, including partners, budget and calendar, and delivery of project contracts to allow for “implementation”.

It also urges Galway 2020 to continue work on the European dimension, and to keep “flexibility” in the programme to integrate “potential and actual European challenges” such as “Brexit and refugees”.

It stresses the need to invest further in relevant digital programming, which it says is “crucial to attract the younger audiences”.

Hannah Kiely, Chief Executive of Galway 2020 ssaid this week that the Board welcomes the Report and the Panel’s recommendations, many of which are already well underway.

“We value the assistance and direction from the expert panel as we move towards delivering a successful European Capital of Culture.

“We also acknowledge that our communications have been weak at times, so as we move into the delivery phase we will work to strengthen our communications and engagement throughout the community,” she said.

“We will also focus on stabilising our funding, finalise project contracts and advance with the monitoring and evaluation work. So, we have a lot of work ahead of us but it’s an exciting phase of the project.”

Over the coming months Galway 2020 will announce several new appointments to the Galway 2020 team to support in the delivery of the project.,

If you would like to learn more about Galway 2020 and see how you or your community can get involved, please visit www,galway2020.ie



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