'Til They're All Broken - Galway gig

Band to play The Loft venue next week

'Til They're All Broken.

'Til They're All Broken.

GALWAY TRIO 'Til They're All Broken fuse vocal led funk-rock stylings, a dose of instrumental jazz, and a dollop of world music, as the ciuty will hear when they play live next week.

The band - Pittsburgh's Harold Wolk (guitar/vocals ), Argentina's Bruno Pierucci (bass ), and Kilkenny's John Tierney (drums/percussion ) - play The Loft at Seven on Thursday July 26. The band's compositions and arrangements draw inspiration from Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Gentle Giant, Miles Davis, early Red Hot Chilli Peppers, King Crimson, and The Buena Vista Social Club. The trio released their debut album, Outside The Lines, last year.



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