Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat and friends for GIAF 18

Moffat to be joined by guitarists/vocalists RM Hubbert and John Smith, and singer Siobhán Wilson

Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert.

Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert.

ONE-HALF of Arab Strap; a man not be confused with the founder of Scientology; and another, with a very common name but an uncommonly brilliant ability on guitar, are to appear in the Róisín Dubh.

Aidan Moffat, one half of Scottish indie-rock band Arab Strap, fellow Scot and guitarist RM Hubbert, along with English guitarist/singer-songwriter John Smith, play the Róisín on Monday July 23 at 8pm, as part of the Galway International Arts Festival.

In May, Moffat and Hubbert released the album, Here Lies The Body, via Mogwai's Rock Action Records label. “The album title has a dual meaning – sex and death," says Moffat, whose work over the years has largely centred on these subjects. “It can be read as romantic surrender, but it’s also a phrase you’ll find on a tombstone.” Musically it weaves together beautiful guitar work, haunting piano lines, lush strings, delicate percussion, fizzing 808 beats, synth pop, samba, and moments of jazz.

As a lyricist, Moffat is often bleak and blackly humourous, with a short story writer's eye for detail and narrative. Opening track 'Cockcrow' profiles a chance encounter of two old flames as they enjoy hen and stag parties in Blackpool. "It was inspired by an article I read about mothers who abandon their families, and how that still remains a pretty taboo subject in our times," says Moffat. "When marriages break down, it’s almost always the man who leaves.”

Then there is 'Party On', a song about trying to 'get it on'. As Moffat says: "It was an attempt to write at least one song we could kind of dance to, I looped a samba sample, sent it over to Hubby, and he wrote the guitar part around it."

For a full profile and interview with John Smith Support is from Siobhán Wilson who sings on Here Lies The Body. For tickets see the festival box office, Galway Tourist Office, Forster Street; 091 - 566577;; or



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