People of the Tribes: Meet Arun.

In association with McGettigans

Hi, my name is Arun. I was born in Romanian and raised here in Ireland, so I consider myself to be Irish. I've been living in Galway for 17 years. Galway, I liked it the minute I came here in 2001. Before Galway, I was in Dublin, the place was so big, when I would go out it was really hard to make friends and but when I moved to Galway, my independence began the following day. I was able to pop to the shops on my own, go to college. The freedom is just amazing. I was lucky when wheelchair buses were implemented in Galway City, not all the routes had them at the time, sometimes I would face challenges but that has phased out thank God! This year I will volunteer with the Galway Arts Festival 2018. This year will be my 6th year, which shows how motivated and dedicated I am to the organisation and I love it, every year is different and so too is the work! I love volunteering especially when I find it hard to get paid work. Like everyone else, I have a lot of skills to offer any business in admin, photography but because I am a wheelchair user many businesses around the city see the wheelchair first and don't see the person or the skills that you have. While Galway is small and you make a lot of friends it's very hard to get a job because there are fewer opportunities. That's the Galway Ying and the Yang! I love to dance, my dancing technique is very different but the thing I love to do is capture people dancing, the enjoyment, the moment, the atmosphere, expressing their personalities with my photography. It's inspiring!

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