Cannon says plaque to long-living Mullagh family is a deserved commemoration of record-breaking longevity

Minister for the Diaspora and International Development Ciaran Cannon has said that a plaque erected on Monday last Monday to the Clarke family of Castlenancy in Mullagh parish is an appropriate commemoration of their remarkable record of longevity.

The Clarke family have been acknowledged by the Guinness World Records for the most siblings to reach the age of 100.

Minister Cannon said that he is delighted that the Clarke family now have a plaque unveiled in their honour at Castlenancy in Mullagh to acknowledge the extraordinary achievement of six siblings attaining the age of 100.

“It is a most appropriate commemoration of their remarkable longevity and also a phenomenal honour for East Galway when one considers that the Guinness World Records, formerly known as the Guinness book of Records, is probably the most prestigious reference point for human achievement across the globe.

“The erecting of a plaque, be it to a person or to an event, plays a key role in reminding a community of a matter of local cultural significance and I know that the people of Mullagh will take great pride in this commemoration,” he said.


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