Maths help for primary and secondary school students

There is no doubting the importance of mathematics in everyday life. It is used in developing reasoning, creativity, abstract and spatial thinking, problem-solving, and communication.

The learning of mathematics is analogous to building a wall. Starting in primary school, the foundation goes in and each row of bricks is placed on top. Without a solid foundation the wall begins to wobble as the student progresses up through third, fourth, fifth, and sixth class, as more complex concepts and more demanding skills are encountered. This will result in a student, who although perfectly capable of mastering maths, begins to lose his/her confidence and starts to doubt his/her ability to keep up with peers.

For more than five years now, FCL Galway has been in the business of helping young people, from first class up to Junior Certificate, achieve their full potential in their mathematics education. Whether your child is on top of his/her maths class or has fallen behind in some area, this is a programme that is tailormade for each learner.

At the heart of the programme is the development of a sound sense of number as shown by a high level of fluency in the basic number bonds of addition and subtraction as well as the learning of the times tables, which will then enable the working of multiplication and division. These important skills need to be mastered before more complex ideas in fractions, decimals, percentages, time, measure, and geometry are introduced.

In addition to tuition for primary school students there are a limited number of places for secondary students who will be sitting the Junior Certificate exam in June 2019 or June 2020. The students receive individual tuition and get ongoing homework relating to their weekly grind, as well as extensive past-paper practice. This tuition can commence immediately as this gives the student a chance to use the summer months to do some catch up, as necessary.

The FCL programmes run in Salthill and Oranmore. For more information contact Frank Murphy at 086 3724617 or 091 635678.


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