Galway drivers go electric

One thousand electric cars have been registered so far this year compared to 972 for all of 2017, according to the Minister for the Diaspora and International Development, Ciaran Cannon

Almost 5,400 electric cars are now on Irish roads, Minister Cannon says, ecouraged by supports the Government is offering for the switch to an EV with positives for the environment and the reduction in air and noise pollution.

"Aside from the lower running costs, EVs are also cheaper to maintain as there are less moving parts than in a conventional petrol/diesel car. There are many types of electric vehicles on the market today and I would encourage individuals in Galway to seriously consider the benefits that the switch to an EV would make to them," he says.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI ) offers a range of electric vehicle grants, and should people choose to make the switch and decide on the electric vehicle they would like to purchase, their car dealer will apply for the grant on their behalf.

More information on the grants available from the SEAI can be accessed at


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