A Yeats play in Yeats' Tower

The Only Jealousy Of Emer to be performed in the poet's former home

WB Yeats.

WB Yeats.

CÚ CHULAINN is on his deathbed, a hero laid low after a long and senseless fight with the sea. Three women are around him: his wife, Emer; his mistress, Eithne Inguba; and Fand, an evil creature of the Sidhe. His fate is in their hands.

This is WB Yeats' 1918 play The Only Jealousy Of Emer which will be performed by DancePlayers on Saturday May 26 and Sunday 27 at 8pm in Thoor Ballylee, Yeats’s Tower, Gort.

Featuring masks, costumes, live music, dance, design, as well as newly imagined acting, speaking, and movement for the play, this production is a world premiere: the first fully-staged theatre production of Yeats’s dance play taking place in his own tower. Due to the venue, the audience will move with the performers during the show. Seating is only available for certain scenes. The performance begins outdoors.

The Only Jealousy is one of the earliest plays by an Irish writer for physical theatre, featuring dance, masks, and music, and was inspired by the Japanese Noh theatre tradition. This production is also keen to lift the plays out of the 'academic interest only' cul-de-sac it has fallen into.

The show is directed by Melinda Szuts, with music by Akos Lustyik, choreography by Jeremie Cyr-Cooke. The cast is Catherine Denning, Orlaith Ní Chearra, Orla Tubridy, Jeremie Cyr-Cooke, Oisin Porter, Alice Keane, John Rice, and Lydia Muller. Music will be performed by Gergely Kuklis (violin ), Péter Sebestyén (cello ), and Úna ní Fhlannagáin (harp ).

Tickets are €14/12 via 091 - 631436 (weekdays 10am to 2pm or weekends 11am to 5pm ) or by email at [email protected]. Places are limited. See ww.yeatsthoorballylee.org


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