Life with a large left testicle

My Left Nut comes to the 2018 Galway Theatre Festival

FOUR HUNDRED millilitres - that is how much liquid was drained from Michael’s left testicle when he was a teenager. That is more than what a can of lemonade holds, but who could he have talked to about it?

Michael's dad died 10 years ago and besides, school is full of rumours about what the giant bulge in his trousers actually is. This is My Left Nut by Michael Patrick and Oisin Kearney, the true story of a Belfast boy "growing up with no father to guide him through, and a giant ball to weigh him down". The play is being staged by Pan Narrans Theatre and Prime Cut Productions in the Town Hall Theatre on Thursday May 10 at 8pm, as part of the 2018 Galway Theatre Festival. It has already enjoyed critical acclaim with four star reviews from both The Irish Sunday Times and The Irish Times.

Tickets are €16/14 via the Town Hall (091 - 569777, ).



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