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Members of the Midland Business Network.

Members of the Midland Business Network.

This week the Midland Business Network honours seven years in business, helping companies establish and showcase their enterprises.

The Network is a non-profit organisation owned and run voluntarily by its members. Its mission is to support businesses and assist them to grow. Established in 2011 and originally comprising of just four members, The Midland Business Network has grown steadily throughout the years, and has consistently maintained membership of 25 people or more.

Every member joins to grow their business and expand their network. The key to this is to offer flexibility and adaptability. The business continually monitor performance so that they can adapt to members needs or take action to avail of a business opportunity which will benefit members. Weekly meetings are structured to include business information presentations and updates, together with one-to-one networking opportunities and referrals.

The Network has in place a strict policy that only one business category can join at any time to avoid conflict of interest between two similar businesses. This helps to vary the company’s categories and link those enterprises that will naturally complement one other and exchange referrals.

The membership draws from a wide range of sectors that include property, construction, engineering, maintenance, print and media, HR, training and development, catering and nutrition, hospitability, therapy, insurance, and finance.

If you are a business looking to grow, contact the Network to attend one of their meetings. You are welcome to attend two complimentary meetings before making a decision to join.

Contact the business by email on [email protected] or by website at


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