O’Brien raises issue of parking in Moate Town

Independent councillor Michael O’Brien has called on the council to issue permits for businesses and their employees in Moate who currently have little access to parking.

Cllr O’Brien told this month’s meeting of the Municipal District that he has been contacted by a number of people working in Moate who are struggling to find parking in the locality during the working week. Many, he said, have been issued parking fines while at work.

Last year an initiative was introduced in Moate preventing people parking for any more than three hours in the town’s business centre. The scheme was designed to allow more spaces for would-be shoppers.

Cllr O’Brien received little support from his fellow public representatives for his motion. Cllr John Dolan (FG ) said he has only been made aware of one problem since the introduction of restrictive parking. He said the initiative was not introduced for revenue reasons, but to free up parking for potential customers. He said there is “no perfect solution” to the issue, but that he believed the majority of people are satisfied with the arrangement.

It was resolved to investigate how many people are having issues with parking in the locality.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr O’Brien expressed his disappointment with the lack of support his motion received.

“This was a motion that was reliant on support and zero support was forthcoming,” he said. “This is a big issue for many people in Moate. Many businesses in the restricted parking zone have no access to parking of their own.

“There is a car park at the community hall and this is fine for businesses in that location, however, for businesses located in the centre of town and on the east side, they have no access to parking and will be running the risk of a parking ticket if they park near their premises.”

“It is totally unacceptable that people who have no alternative access to parking are being fined for coming to work,” he continued. “At the moment, residents in this zone can apply for a parking permit. I’m asking that this be extended to businesses and their employees where they have no access to parking.”


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