What is a Herbalife Breakfast and Nutrition Club?

Nutrition Clubs are social gatherings that people together who wish to focus on good nutrition and regular exercise in order to achieve optimum health.

Within the clubs there is a healthy active lifestyle promoter/coach, whose job it is to advise, guide, track and support members on their personal journey. There is also huge support member to member, and it really is a motivating and positive environment for all involved.

The clubs are results driven. Each member is set a realistic target in terms of their health and body goals. They are then furnished with a plan tailored towards achieving those goals.

Clubs are typically open Monday to Friday from 6.30am to 10.30/11am. There are currently four clubs in operation in the locality, in Garrycastle GAA Club, Monksland, Roscommon Town, and Curraghboy.

While the Herbalife Products are amazing, the real glue and magic of the club is the people in it. The members are the most important aspect of any club and determine its success and strength.

Herbalife coaches establish long lasting friendships with so many of the people who attend. It is this relationship that motivates coaches to do their very best to help members achieve their goals. To see members do this and then subsequently go on to pay it forward with their own family and friends is reward in itself for the dedicated team of lifestyle coaches.

To date, the team at the Herbalife clubs have been blown away by the phenomenal results their members have achieved and, more importantly, maintained. The clubs aim to foster healthy active lifestyle habits for life.

To sign up for the Herbalife club at Garrycastle GAA, call Ciarán, Donna, or Mary on (087 ) 2621870.

For the Monksland club, call Bernice or Donna on (087 ) 9873119.

For Roscommon Town call Thomas on (087 ) 7878232.


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