Stub out the habit for good with Boots

Social media star and stylist, Rob Kenny, with DJ and music journalist, Tara Stewart

Social media star and stylist, Rob Kenny, with DJ and music journalist, Tara Stewart

shows most resolutions will not make it past the second week in February.

And with quitting smoking one of the most common resolutions, research by Boots has revealed that a huge majority (85 per cent ) of would-be quitters try multiple times to quit but ultimately go back to the habit.

Most Irish smokers have declared that they would like to stop, but without the right support many pick up the habit again. Now Boots will support those who want to quit through their ‘Stop For Good’ rewards service. Through this, Boots will provide participants who remain smoke free through the 12 weeks of the programme with goodies worth up to €75, expert advice, and support when they most crave it.

Participants in the Stop For Good Rewards programme will have one-to-one sessions with a fully trained advisor, who will help them create a personalised plan and support them on their quest towards a healthier lifestyle.

“Smoking can be a very difficult behaviour to change as nicotine stimulates pleasure centres in the brain and is highly addictive,” said Boots pharmacist, Susan O’Dwyer. “The Boots Stop for Good programme is designed to support people who want to stop every step of the way. We’ll explore all the options together so we can understand what will work best for you.”

Boots is calling on everyone taking part in Stop For Good to lend support and encouragement to one another, by sharing their experiences across social media using the #StopForGood. To further encourage those on the programme to share their own experiences, DJ and music journalist Tara Stewart will vlog, tweet, post and snap her way through her own Stop For Good journey, alongside fashion guru Rob Kenny.

Those that would like to sign up and free themselves from the ties of cigarettes are being encouraged to simply talk to a member of their local Boots Pharmacy team or visit



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