Some easy tips for filling out job application forms

In the not too distant past, job application forms could be filled in by using information already detailed in your CV.

In recent years, competency-based interviews have come into vogue. This means that in the application form employers want applicants to describe how they have demonstrated some of the skills or behaviours they are looking for as outlined in their job description.

Examples could be about demonstrating your organisation skills or attention to detail, and so on. A useful way to approach these questions is to use the STAR approach: situation, task, action, result.

This provides an effective way to organise your thoughts around: describing briefly the situation you were in (the context ); the action you took; the skill or behavior you demonstrated; why you did so; what the outcome was because of the action you took or the skill or behavior you demonstrated.

Without applying a structure like this, answers can end up long winded, unfocused, and full of unnecessary detail. As a result, potential employers are less likely to get an accurate view of how well you demonstrate the skills and behaviours they seek. It could be the difference between getting the call for the interview or not.

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