IPOA slams those offering sub-standard rental accommodation

The Irish Property Owners Association (IPOA ) has welcomed the spotlight which RTE’s Prime Time put on a small segment of the private rental market that are supplying sub-standard accommodation.

IPOA chairman, Stephen Faughnan, has slammed those guilty of the practice for tarnishing the good name of all landlords in the private rental sector.

“They are nothing other than sharks and vultures tarnishing the good name of private landlords,” Mr Faughnan said. “The IPOA believe that those engaged in offering and supplying sub-standard and overcrowded accommodation do not even deserve to be called ‘landlords’ in 21st century Ireland.

“Their so-called accommodation can only be described as ‘hovels’ and must be weeded out as this behaviour is disgraceful, distressing and totally unacceptable for both tenants and landlords, but in no way can it be considered the norm for the private rental sector.”

Mr Faughnan has urged stakeholders to examine the reasons as to why these types of landlords and situations are now presenting themselves.

“We must look at why they exist,” he continued. “The real problems which have allowed these people to operate are outdated and ineffective housing standards inspection criteria carried out in a very limited way by local authorities throughout the country.

“The standard operates on the strict basis of a pass or a fail, which is fundamentally unfair. One item wrong in an exam could still give an A grade, but one item wrong in a housing standard inspection is an immediate fail. It is long past the time to support the private rental sector and the vast majority of landlords supplying good quality accommodation, and not to continually and officially undermine the sector as has been the case for several years.”

Mr Faughnan said the IPOA is happy to work with any agency or body to address any perceived difficulties, but is urging government, local authorities and charities in the sector to understand that they must all play their part.


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