Irish drivers not maintaining their cars for work

Research has found that many business travellers across Ireland who drive their own cars for work, the so-called ‘grey fleet’, do not always carry out basic safety checks on their vehicles.

The research, which was carried out by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, found that 58 per cent of grey fleet drivers do not undertake any regular maintenance checks themselves on their cars. When asked why they did not, nearly a third said that they expected the car to tell them if something was wrong, and 27 per cent said that’s what car services and the NCT are for. One in six simply expected modern cars to work all the time. Even more (39 per cent ) have never checked their tyre tread depth; almost a third have not looked at engine oil levels; and some 35 per cent have never checked if their brake lights are working. 32 per cent admitted they have never even opened the car bonnet.

George O’Connor, managing director of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ireland, commented: “It is common practice for businesses in Ireland to allow employees to use their own cars for work journeys. However, our research indicates that many drivers are not always checking their vehicles before a work-related trip. It’s very likely that this is something that companies are simply not aware of, and equally, they may not be aware of some of the implications for themselves should the driver be involved in an accident due to lack of vehicle maintenance.”

With winter rapidly approaching, routine checks are more important than ever. Road safety organisations also recommend that motorists carry safety items like a first-aid kit, warning triangle, jack and high-visibility vest in their cars at all times.


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