Beware of the silent killer in your home

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI ) is warning consumers that the highly poisonous gas carbon monoxide is produced anywhere a fuel is burned, not just in the home.

On average, six people in Ireland die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning, and yet it is estimated more than 730,000 adults in the country do not own a carbon monoxide alarm.

There are thousands of carbon monoxide alarms for sale in Ireland, but some do not comply with standards. The NSAI is advising consumers and businesses to look out for three quality marks when purchasing a carbon monoxide alarm: EN 50291, the CE-Mark symbol, and end-of-life indicator. These symbols indicate the alarm has been tested and certified to the highest quality standards.

NSAI’s top five tips on how to protect yourself from carbon monoxide:

Be aware: any appliance burning any type of fuel can produce carbon monoxide.

Installation and maintenance: Ensure fuel-burning appliances are properly installed and regularly maintained by a qualified service agent. Get your chimney swept once a year.

Use correctly: Use fuel-burning appliances correctly and for their intended purpose. Read instructions carefully and never use an appliance you suspect may be faulty.

Be proactive: Keep vents, flues, and chimneys clear at all times - do not put this job off.

Purchase an alarm: Have at least one audible carbon monoxide alarm installed in your home and anywhere else you burn fuel. Check the alarm regularly, by pressing the ‘test’ button.

For more carbon monoxide safety tips, visit or follow @NSAI_Standards on Twitter.



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