O’Brien calls for information sign at Moydrum Castle

Local Independent councillor, Michael O’Brien, has called on the council to provide an information sign at Moydrum Castle detailing the history of the attraction and its location.

Cllr O’Brien told the chamber at this month’s meeting of the Municipal District that Moydrum Castle with its rich history is an excellent tourism product.

Cllr O’Brien referenced the castle’s association with the Irish War of Independence. Moydrum Castle, given its status as the seat of a prominent member of the British House of Lords, was chosen as a suitably symbolic target for the Irish Republican Army back in 1921.

On the night of July 4 that year, an assembly of IRA members marched on the castle. The 5th Baron was out of Ireland at the time but his wife and daughter were given time to gather together a few valuable belongings before the building was set alight. The blaze completely destroyed the castle.

Cllr O’Brien also mentioned that an image of the castle was used on U2’s hit album, The Unforgettable Fire.

Cllr O’Brien said it is vitally important to highlight areas of such historical significance in the interest of local tourism, and said an information sign to highlight the castle and its history fits into this approach.

Fianna Fáil councillor Frankie Keena agreed that there was and would be a lot of interest in the castle. He added, however, that consultation with the owner will be needed before anything is decided. He said the owner has some issues with people visiting the castle from a safety point of view, and that this may prevent the council from taking this initiative forwards.


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