Moran’s Bill on serial sex offenders to be taken on by Government

Minister of State for the Office of Public Works and Longford-Westmeath Deputy, Kevin “Boxer” Moran, says the adoption by Government of his Private Members Bill seeking longer jail terms for serial sex offenders is a triumph of new politics and a significant step towards the greater protection of women and children.

At Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting, the decision was taken that the Criminal Justice (Commission of Sexual Offences ) (Amendment ) Bill 2017, originally proposed by Minister Moran as a Private Members Bill in April, will now be processed as Government legislation, with amendments.

Cabinet also approved Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan’s proposals to amend the gender anomaly with respect to incest.

“Both issues will be contained in a Government Bill which Minister Flanagan will seek Cabinet approval for in the autumn,” said Minister Moran.

“I am truly delighted that my original Bill’s proposals are now being taken on by Government. My motivation for introducing the Bill is a result of meeting a constituent of mine, Debbie Cole, who has long campaigned for the victims of sex offenders.

“Debbie Cole and victims like her deserve great credit and huge respect for consistently highlighting the need for Government to introduce stronger and effective sentences to deter serial sex offenders.

“I am absolutely delighted that I have been in a position to effect change and the fact that this Bill is now becoming part of Government legislation reflects the change that can happen from the Independent Alliance.”



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