Throwaway line spurs Boxer to reveal personal struggles

When Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran sat down with Ryan Tubridy on last Friday’s Late Late Show to discuss his personal struggles with dyslexia and depression, he never imagined the response he would receive from the watching public.

Inspired to give such an honest and frank interview by slurs from a radio contributor regarding the level of education of a certain incoming Minister, Moran’s decision to take part in the programme was as much about standing up for all he has achieved despite his difficulties, as it was about helping those who may be going through the same issues today.

Little did he know that his honesty would touch the hearts of so many people from across the country and further afield.But when he returned to his constituency office on Monday morning to thousands of messages of goodwill, support, and thanks, the man from Coosan would have been fully aware of the impact his words had on so many people from all walks of life.

From ordinary men and women around the country, to famous names in the world of sport and entertainment, Boxer’s speaking about his learning and mental health challenges has acted to inspire people into action.

After all, this is a man who, despite the many troubles he has battled throughout his life, has come out the other side in the most impressive manner. All set to assume the role of Minister of State at the Office of Public Works on June 2, Moran’s achievements have shown that anything is possible if you have the right support and work ethic.

And Boxer has enjoyed both - from the unwavering support of his wife Michelle and family, to the people within the local authority office who aided him in his early years as a public representative, and the enjoyment he takes from working on projects to help improve peoples lives. His achievements reinforce the mantra that there can be no limitations, only the ones we put on ourselves.

Speaking this week, Deputy Moran said there are no words to fully describe the appreciation he has felt in the past few days, and vowed to do what he can to help those in a similar position.

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