Rawky - enjoy the perfect blend of nature’s goodness

Laurence Bolger is a husband, new dad, sports enthusiast, and food lover.

After years of working in the food industry in Ireland and the Middle East, he was increasingly conscious of what was going into his own body. Yet with work and other commitments taking over every waking hour, he still found himself choosing quick and unhealthy options.

An effort to introduce healthy meals brought huge improvements to his overall health and energy levels, but for those in-between times - mid-mornings, late afternoons, after exercise, hunger cravings - he struggled to find truly healthy snacks. So he decided to make his own, and after lots of research and experimentation, the first Rawky bars were born.

A healthy, additive-free choice, Rawky bars are packed full of nature’s goodness, with nothing added - the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit!

With the perfect blend of natural ingredients - dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries - you get the most balanced and nutritious snack possible, with the added benefit of slow energy release. They contain no added sugar or preservatives, are high in fibre and protein, have a low glycaemic index, and contain just 185-200 calories per bar.

Choose from Rawky Seed & Berry, a blended fruit and nut bar containing a delicious blend of nutritious seeds and antioxidant berries - almonds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, cranberries, flax seeds, and raisins, all held together with the chewy goodness of dates; or Fruit & Nutty, a soft and sweet bar containing dates, almonds, cashews, flax seeds, papaya, and raisins.

Rawky are perfect to enjoy with lunch or eat on the go, and are suitable for all ages. Conscious of the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle going hand in hand, this small but growing Irish-owned company have sponsored a number of local events including charity runs and triathlons.

Rawky bars are available in health stores across Ireland, and from www.rawkygoodness.com

For more information and healthy snacking tips, see ‘Rawkygoodness’ on Facebook, or contact [email protected].


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