Lots of live entertainment at The Prince

The Prince Bar will soon be bringing live music to Athlone from both local and national bands from Wednesday nights straight through to Sunday. Customers can expect a good mix of music genres to suit all tastes.

The Prince Bar Sunday traditional Irish music and dance sessions have been very popular with locals, tourists, and guests of the Prince of Wales Hotel.

Starting just after 9.30pm, Sunday nights kick off with some trad music, when customers can sit back and relax and enjoy the tunes, or if they wish to get up and dance a set they are more then welcome.

The musicians welcome the dancers to the floor with various traditional sets, some hard shoe dances, Sean Nos dancing, and even the occasional and ever-impressive brush dance. The music and dance go on until midnight, so if you are into traditional Irish music and dance, make a note in your diary.

To keep up to date with all events and promotions or to book an area at The Prince for a night see facebook.com/princebarathlone



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