Train your mind, body, and soul with Crossfit Croí

Crossfit Croí opened its doors on November 12, 2016, with the idea of creating a centre for mind, body, and soul under one roof.

The establishment caters for a clientele of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds and has a dedicated team of people working together from the office manager to coaches and therapists. Crossfit’s ethos involves building a community which trains hard and plays hard, while supporting and encouraging each other along the way.

Head coach Johnny Carroll has incredible knowledge of mobility which he uses to prevent injury and applies in his instruction. His love of both Crossfit and coaching is very clear to see in his classes, and together with Izabela they put everyone through their paces.

Crossfit also has sports therapist and yoga classes available. Added to this, they have recently teamed up with Denise Keane, Irish Paleo Girl Nutritionist, to oversee the nutritional aspect of the weightloss boot camp, with excellent results.

Crossfit’s class schedule begins at 7am and again from 6pm till 10pm. Classes for beginners take place every three weeks. Crossfit Croí also includes a ‘Bring A Friend For Free’ policy every Friday.


Mevin is Crossfit’s qualified Master of yoga. His yoga class is based on the Swami Sivananda techniques, which strengthens the immune system and protects the body from premature ageing and diseases, as well as strengthening and toning the muscles. He focuses on breathing, relaxation, diet, thinking and meditation.

Some of the benefits of yoga are: increasing and maintaining flexibility of the spine; toning and rejuvenating the nervous system; improving the circulatory system and bringing flexibilty to the joints and muscles.

Classes are one hour and 30 minutes on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with Tuesday morning classes beginning soon.


Johnny Carroll is head coach at Crossfit Croí. He is Crossfit Level 1 certified and also holds a certificate in Olympic lifting and weight lifting. He is also currently studying strength and conditioning with the prestigious Setanta College.

Johnny encourages everyone to come along to train and compete.

“People never know what they are capable of until they push themselves outside their comfort zone. That’s not as scary as it seems when you have the support, cameraderie, and community of the whole Box cheering and encouraging each and every person there,” he says. “When you see people become more flexible, energetic, and pushing themselves to improve their health and fitness and learn new movements it makes every day so fulfilling as a coach.”

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Brian Caldwell, a fully qualified gym instructor and physical therapist specialising in sports therapy, is also a member of the team at Crossfit Croí.

Brian believes that one should not only go to the physio with an injury, but that regular sports massages should be part and parcel of good rest and recovery.

Regular sports massage helps to prevent injury, improves performance, helps keep muscles healthy, removes waste toxins, and can extend the overall life of the individual’s sporting lifestyle.

Crossfit Croí is looking for enthusiastic and energetic people with a passion for their careers who might be interested in looking at some of the rooms they have available to rent.

For more information contact Crossfit Croí on (085 ) 8186055, email [email protected], or find the business on Facebook.


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