Discover the benefits of inulin

Inulin powder made the headlines recently and has become increasingly popular after featuring on BBC’s How to stay Young with Angela Rippon, being recommended for fat accumulated around the heart.

Inulin is a 100 per cent natural soluble fibre produced by many types of plants as a means of storing energy and is typically found in roots. Five grams of inulin (from chicory root ) provides 4.4g of fibre.

Inulin dissolves in the stomach forming a gelatinous substance that increases fullness as it slows digestion while removing cholesterol as it passes through the digestive tract. Because of its slowing effect on digestion, it enables the body to better absorb nutrients from food.

Sugar from carbohydrate foods is therefore released much more slowly, preventing ‘spiking’ of blood sugar. It has many health benefits and increases good bacteria in the gut, most notably Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, as it is a ‘prebiotic’. Inulin has been shown to increase immune resistance and aid the absorption of calcium.

It is very important when beginning to use inulin to drink plenty of water and start slowly and build up as inulin can cause flatulence or loose stools, especially for those with irritable bowel syndrome or a sensitive digestive tract.

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