Divorce and separation mediation service

Galway Divorce & Separations have produced a six-page coloured brochure aimed at couples whose marriage has broken down and who wish to proceed with an express closure to their marriage by divorce or separation.

The brochure outlines 10 reasons why couples can avail of the service, including no solicitors and barristers, and saving thousands on legal fees. Galway Divorce & Separations commit to resolve all issues in less time at less cost and with less damage to children/parents’ relationship than by litigation. Paperwork can be prepared for both sides. You get quicker results, and all issues are finalised including maintenance, access, custody, assets, and liabilities, regardless of how long a dispute goes on.

It is a mediation process which is totally confidential and which can provide a resolution much more quickly and at less cost to the couple involved, and both sides control the outcome. The service is nationwide, and their mediator referees between the spouses in an office environment, to assist them in reaching an acceptable agreement, avoiding long drawn-out court battles, and reducing any hostility, wherein both parties can move on with their lives regardless of whether they are in new relationships or not.

Contact Galway Divorce & Separations for your free brochure on (087 ) 3727283 or email [email protected].


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